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RE: st: Special character

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: Special character
Date   Thu, 7 Feb 2008 13:05:34 -0000

Thanks for the clarification. Your English is much better than my French. 

-asciiplot- just shows what you can get in Stata by using calls to -char()-. 
I conclude that in your case you can't get >= (shown nicely) by using 
-char()-. That is the purpose of -asciiplot-, to show what you can (and can't) get. 


Julien D.

Sorry for my english...
I meant that in this special case  -asciiplot- was not usable because 
the "greater than or equal" sign is not available in this program...

Nick Cox a écrit :
> Please spell out what you mean by "-asciiplot- doesn't work
> unfortunately". 
> If you mean by that that -asciiplot- does not show a character that is
> not available by using -char()-, then the program authors would not
> accept that as a case of "doesn't work". 
> If you mean something else, then please let the program authors know
> what that is so they can think about correcting or modifying the
> program. 
> Nick 
> Julien D.
> Ok, thank you for your help, I achieve to succed to inesrt the sign 
> "greater than or equal", but it was not easy....
> This sign IS NOT a traditional windows ASCII character, also -asciiplot-
> from SSC dosn't work unfortunately.

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