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Re: st: Special character

From   "Julien D." <>
Subject   Re: st: Special character
Date   Thu, 07 Feb 2008 14:02:41 +0100

Sorry for my english...
I meant that in this special case -asciiplot- was not usable because the "greater than or equal" sign is not available in this program...

Nick Cox a écrit :

Please spell out what you mean by "-asciiplot- doesn't work
If you mean by that that -asciiplot- does not show a character that is
not available by using -char()-, then the program authors would not
accept that as a case of "doesn't work".
If you mean something else, then please let the program authors know
what that is so they can think about correcting or modifying the
Julien D.

Ok, thank you for your help, I achieve to succed to inesrt the sign "greater than or equal", but it was not easy....

This sign IS NOT a traditional windows ASCII character, also -asciiplot-

from SSC dosn't work unfortunately.

I used this method, using Fontcreator:

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