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st: predicting fitted values after ivtobit

From   Alejandro Delafuente <>
Subject   st: predicting fitted values after ivtobit
Date   Mon, 04 Feb 2008 15:20:31 +0000

Dear statalisters,

Am trying to show graphically the relationship between a score index 
(X - independent variable) and remittance levels (Y - dependent variable)
estimated with an ivtobit model.

Thus far, after running the ivtobit model I predict marginal effects as follows:
mfx compute, at(mean X = numerical value)

As part of the above computation Stata displays the (predicted) fitted values 
for Y. I repeat the above command across a full range of different levels of 
the score index, leaving the rest of independent variables fixed at their mean, 
to obtain predicted values of remittances and then manually plot the estimated 
values against the different levels of the score index.
That said, I have two questions:
Is this the right way to predict expected levels of remittances, considering 
that am doing some left censoring at zero? In other words, am I using the 
corrected 'fitted values' command?

Is there any graphic option that would allow Stata do this for me more directly
(i.e, to use an overlayed picture of the scatter of actual observations and 
then the fitted values above it), although my score index has many values 

Many thanks,


Alejandro de la Fuente
Department of International Development/QEH
University of Oxford, Mansfield Road, Oxford OX1 3TB
Tel: 01865 281836

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