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st: How to rename an ado file within Stata

Subject   st: How to rename an ado file within Stata
Date   Wed, 21 Nov 2007 13:03:32 -0200 (BRT)

Dear all,

Is it possible to rename an ado file within Stata?

I am working on a exact test that, unfortunately, does not have any known
algorithm to optimize the time required to compute all possible
permutations. As Stata loads everything into memory and I do not know mata
functions yet, it seems impossible to compute all possible permutations
with Stata, since it requires too much time and memmory.

So, I wrote a perl program that can rapidly generate all possible
combinations without overflowing.

Despite to the fact I can use shell/winexec  to execute it, I would like
to know if one can rename an ado file (.ado to .exe) for instance within
Stata, so that one does not need to specify a directory to run the
"auxiliary" program. I think that, if possible, by renaming an ado file,
one does not need to specify a directory, because Stata is suppose to find
it out. Does it make sense?



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