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Re: st: very simple statistical analysis question for survey data

From   Jen McCormick <>
Subject   Re: st: very simple statistical analysis question for survey data
Date   Thu, 08 Nov 2007 11:06:28 -0800

Hi -

Thank you for your reply and suggestion. We have ordered the Long and Freese book and are eager to glean what we can from it.

I want to apologize. I was not as clear in my message as I thought. We did jump to using gologit2 for our outcome variables that are ordinal. The explanatory variables we are exploring for these outcome variables are nominal, many being dummy variables (yes/no). From my understanding, gologit2 is appropriate for these types of variables. For the nominal outcome variables we wish to analyze we are using mlogit.

We are largely concerned that we are not running all the appropriate tests that ought to be run before we move onto using logit (go, m, etc). And, we are hoping hte Long and Freese book helps.

Thanks again.


Richard Williams wrote:

At 12:40 AM 11/8/2007, Jen McCormick wrote:
Hello Stata Listserve -

A colleague and I are analyzing categorical survey data using tabulate <varname1> <varname2> if <varname3>, chi2 and gologit2 <outcomevar> <explanatoryvar1> <explanatoryvar2> etc, autofit. In building our models we are using output from the contingency tables we have created using tabulation (both simple 2-way tables as well as the slightly more complicated tables noted above) as well as common sense

Are there other resources (geared toward novices) we ought to be referencing? Have we missed an important step?

Any suggestions as to where we might, as beginners, locate insightful resources - documentation or persons, are much appreciated.
Jen, it isn't totally clear what you want to do. And, fond as I am of gologit2, I don't know that I would jump to it quite as quickly as you seem to be doing.

I would suggest getting a good grounding in Categorical Data Analysis using Stata first. Toward that end, I highly recommend Long & Freese's book:

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