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st: very simple statistical analysis question for survey data

From   Jen McCormick <>
Subject   st: very simple statistical analysis question for survey data
Date   Wed, 07 Nov 2007 21:40:17 -0800

Hello Stata Listserve -

A colleague and I are analyzing categorical survey data using tabulate <varname1> <varname2> if <varname3>, chi2 and gologit2 <outcomevar> <explanatoryvar1> <explanatoryvar2> etc, autofit. In building our models we are using output from the contingency tables we have created using tabulation (both simple 2-way tables as well as the slightly more complicated tables noted above) as well as common sense

We have been relying Alan Agresti's An Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis, what we can locate using Stata's help feature, and information we have pulled from other websites including the UCLA Stats Stata website and Richard Williams'. Because we are both quite new to these kinds of analyses, we are not certain we are performing all the appropriate tests or using all the appropriate tools for creating our model(s). We are particularly concerned about how to handle interactions among explanatory variables (if we ought to worry about that at all). Are there other resources (geared toward novices) we ought to be referencing? Have we missed an important step?

Any suggestions as to where we might, as beginners, locate insightful resources - documentation or persons, are much appreciated.


Jen McCormick
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