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st: -ciplot- and multiple by options

From   "Sergiy Radyakin" <>
To   "" <>
Subject   st: -ciplot- and multiple by options
Date   Mon, 8 Oct 2007 16:14:39 +0200

Hello Statalisters!

In -ciplot- I can not specify multiple variables in the "by()" option,
but I can specify multiple "by()" options each with one variable. I
wonder if ciplot is supposed to work like this?

The results look quite strangely [Stata v9.2, Windows]:

   sysuse auto
   ciplot price, by(foreign) by(rep78)

or even like this:

   ciplot price, by(rep78) by(foreign)

Is there any deep statistical motivation for not allowing such graphs?
or is it just bug?

In any case the above graphs look misleading, when confronted with the data:

   table rep78 foreign, c(mean price sd price)

Am I missing something?

Best regards,
    Sergiy Radyakin
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