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Re: RE: st: how do peoplelearn Stata?

From   Robert A Yaffee <>
Subject   Re: RE: st: how do peoplelearn Stata?
Date   Mon, 08 Oct 2007 07:30:42 -0400

Dear Krishanu,
   There are many ways to learn Stata.    You can purchase any of the books
offered by Stata Press to learn Stata.  You can search the web for Stata tutorials.
The UCLA academic technology services has movies on line that teach Stata 
to beginners.  Stata has excellent netcourses to teach Stata programming.
Most important, one has to apply it in a variety of cases to learn how to
use it easily.  When you do so, you should have the appropriate Stata manuals
at your side to be sure you are applying it correctly.
             Bob Yaffee

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From: "Soremekun, Seyi" <>
Date: Monday, October 8, 2007 6:15 am
Subject: RE: st: how do peoplelearn Stata?

> I agree with Krishanu. I've been using Stata for over a year now, but 
> I
> basically started with a copy of Stata 8, googled for help files (found
> a good pdf by Svend Juul) to help with the basics. Necessity also played
> a large part- I learnt the commands for the types of regressions, graphs
> etc that I needed without knowing too much of the background programming
> - or the stats. I can't yet write commands either as I haven't needed
> to, but I've now googled for more help files on stata programming...
> Seyi
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> [] On Behalf Of krishanu
> karmakar
> Sent: 07 October 2007 21:11
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> Subject: Re: st: how do peoplelearn Stata?
> Hallo Dr. Cox
> I am very new to Stata. I just have learnt to use it during the months
> of April - June of this year (2007). Here is how I did it. I got hold
> of a copy of Stata 9. Then I googled for "introduction to Stata+pdf"
> and phrases like that, which resulted in a lot of downloadable pdf
> files containing a lot of introductory information. One of my friends
> had also done something like that and I got some materials from him as
> well. Then I kept on reading those materials and practiced them on
> stata, This game me some idea about how stata works and all that. Once
> I had some idea i  searched for the stata reference manuals in the
> library and refered to them a little bit. After that  I got a few
> projects where I could use Stata. And now I can use Stata a little bit
> (of course I cannot yet write commands like those experienced people
> who contribute to SSC).
> Thank you
> Krishanu
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