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RE: st: how do peoplelearn Stata?

From   "Soremekun, Seyi" <>
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Subject   RE: st: how do peoplelearn Stata?
Date   Mon, 8 Oct 2007 10:22:49 +0100

I agree with Krishanu. I've been using Stata for over a year now, but I
basically started with a copy of Stata 8, googled for help files (found
a good pdf by Svend Juul) to help with the basics. Necessity also played
a large part- I learnt the commands for the types of regressions, graphs
etc that I needed without knowing too much of the background programming
- or the stats. I can't yet write commands either as I haven't needed
to, but I've now googled for more help files on stata programming...

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Subject: Re: st: how do peoplelearn Stata?

Hallo Dr. Cox

I am very new to Stata. I just have learnt to use it during the months
of April - June of this year (2007). Here is how I did it. I got hold
of a copy of Stata 9. Then I googled for "introduction to Stata+pdf"
and phrases like that, which resulted in a lot of downloadable pdf
files containing a lot of introductory information. One of my friends
had also done something like that and I got some materials from him as
well. Then I kept on reading those materials and practiced them on
stata, This game me some idea about how stata works and all that. Once
I had some idea i  searched for the stata reference manuals in the
library and refered to them a little bit. After that  I got a few
projects where I could use Stata. And now I can use Stata a little bit
(of course I cannot yet write commands like those experienced people
who contribute to SSC).

Thank you

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