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st: how do peoplelearn Stata?

From   "josemaria" <>
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Subject   st: how do peoplelearn Stata?
Date   Sun, 7 Oct 2007 16:13:19 -0300

José Maria Pacheco de Souza, Professor Titular (aposentado)
Departamento de Epidemiologia
Faculdade de Saúde Pública/Universidade de São Paulo
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São Paulo Brasil
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Subject: st: RE: How to convert multiple numeric variables into a single string variable?

A very experienced Stata user who has been
with the program since Stata 1.0 once said
to me (paraphrased):

"I don't know how people learn Stata.
When it was very small you could master the
whole thing, and then you just learned extra
bits as each new version came out. But
I don't know how those coming to the program now
manage at all!"

So, how do people learn Stata? In some ways
it remains a mysterious question.

I am not an experienced Stata user, but I am just a Stata user. I would answer that to learn Stata it is necessary to use Stata. It is what I do, and I really enjoy it.
José Maria
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