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st: R: Duration models: database preparation

From   "Carlo Lazzaro" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: R: Duration models: database preparation
Date   Tue, 2 Oct 2007 09:23:51 +0200

Dear Nadia,

Sorry I can't work this issue out directly.
However, for more details and one example about Your question I would refer
You to the textbook by S. Juul. An Introduction to Stata for Health
Researchers. Stata Press, 2006: cap. 14 par 14.1 pp 209-211.

Kind Regards,


Nadia wrote:


I know my question has an obvious response to some of you but I need
some insights. I'm preparing a database from a survey in which
individuals report their labour market status (employed, unemployed,
inactive, ...). My intent is to prepare this database to estimate
duration models on dismissed individuals and analye the influence of
some institutional changes on the duration of the unemployment spells.

I've been reading the book from Cleves et al. "An introduction to
Survival analysis using STATA" and the book from Colin Cameron and
Pravin Trivedi.

My question is the following: are the two following ways to organize
the data produce equal? After stset the first stabase, commands like
streg produce the same results in each of this cases.


id      date0            date1       event
1      05/05/2005       10/05/2005     1
1      11/05/2005       16/05/2005     1
1      17/05/2005       18/05/2005     2
2      05/05/2005       10/05/2005     1
2      11/05/2005       16/05/2005     2


id      spell(days)       event
1          11                2
2          10                2

Best regards,


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