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Re: st: Wilcoxon Signed-Rank test.

From   Phil Schumm <>
Subject   Re: st: Wilcoxon Signed-Rank test.
Date   Mon, 27 Aug 2007 08:40:13 -0500

On Aug 27, 2007, at 7:08 AM, b.qureishi wrote:
Are you familiar with stepwise function on stata. I have a model that i need to back test. Im playing around with the function, however, am not making much progress. Your thoughts and assistance would be most appreciated.

It's not at all clear what your question is. However, before attempting to re-ask it, please see

if you haven't already. You may, based on that, decide to forgo the stepwise approach. In any case, know that you won't get a very warm reception for stepwise analyses on this list, for the reasons described above (nothing personal). Despite that, if you have a specific question about how to perform stepwise analyses in Stata, people here can help you with that.

-- Phil

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