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st: RE: html format postings to Statalist

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: html format postings to Statalist
Date   Thu, 23 Aug 2007 19:07:27 +0100

This has been asked before, and no one
has been able to provide a really good
answer, which does not make one impossible
this time, but my prior probability is 
really low. 

In essence, the Majordomo software that
runs Statalist is supposed to catch HTML
and similar stuff, often succeeds, and 
sometimes fails. Quite why requires a Majordomo
expert to explain, and no one has so declared
themselves on this list. Perhaps there is a Majordomo 
list where they bat such matters back and forth
with ingenuity, wit and erudition and in-jokes
about the demerits and poor style of other listserver software. 

Meanwhile, while the request not to do it
stands, efforts to subvert the request 
can only be declared anti-social, even if
list stalwarts do have insatiable curiosity. 

Most people who get this list get the digest. 
A glance at the archives shows that the digest
software responds to HTML with what one indelicate
Australian wit called a technicolour yawn. The effect is 
to render such postings barely readable.


Schaffer, Mark E
> Marta,
> I have a question for you - how did you manage to send an email to
> Statalist in html format?  According to the FAQ,
> it shouldn't have gone through.
> I tried posting this to the list in html format as well, and it failed
> to get through, which is what I expected - but it makes your success
> even more puzzling.

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