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st: Stata10 SE and do files editor

From   "Nuno" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Stata10 SE and do files editor
Date   Thu, 26 Jul 2007 14:46:25 +0100

Hi everyone,

I've recently changed from Stata9 to Stata10, and I'm having a strange
behavior in the editor that didn't occur in Stata10. I'm using Windows XP. 
- I can't change the focus using the tab key when doing Find or Replace in
the text of the file. Does this happens with anyone else?
- In the Stata9 editor we had an recently opened option where the most
recent files (10 or something like that) opened could be accessed. In the
Stata10 editor this feature disappeared and it seems that only the files
that were opened in the current session are available, i.e., if we restart
Stata the editor history seems to be lost? Is there an option I'm missing?
- This happened to me twice: when trying to change the memory limit Stata
has returned the message that the op system didn't allow for more memory to
be allocated. I know that there are some limits in the amount of memory
available to stata under WinXP and I've applied the microsoft hotfix to
solve this problem. However, Stata10 exhibited a strange behavior: in a
fresh start I could change the limit with no problem (limit 960m); however,
after using stata for a while, and cleaned the memory from its contents when
I tried to increase the memory from 250m to 700m the error message that the
operating system refused to grant access to the memory was returned. I
decreased the amount up to 500m when I stopped receiving the message. Only
after restarting Stata (not the computer) I was able to access again the
960m. Did anyone else experienced this behavior?



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