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st: OUTREG2 marginal effect from biprobit???

From   "roy wada" <>
Subject   st: OUTREG2 marginal effect from biprobit???
Date   Sun, 22 Jul 2007 10:03:56 -0700

Nirina wants to know about biprobit, mfx, and outreg2.

1. It is almost impossible to diagnose your biprobit results without knowing
exactly what you did. Did you use this option, that option.... a verbatim
posting of the command is usually required and more likely to get a useful

2. To report mfx, you should use Richard Williams' -mfx2-, which stores the
marginal effects in e(b) and e(V) matrices.

ssc install outreg2, replace
ssc install mfx2, replace
sysuse auto, clear
gen alien=foreign
replace alien=1 in 1/3
biprobit (alien mpg rep78) (foreign mpg rep78)
outreg2 using c:\that_was_easy
mfx2, replace
outreg2 using c:\that_was_easy, see

outreg2 needs about 20 more lines to this internally.


1- what is meant by the following message when running BIPROBIT:

warning: predict() expression  unsuitable for standard-error calculation;
option nose imposed

Marginal effects after biprobit
      y  = Pr(vart,varotc=1) (predict)
         =  .05270474

2- How do I outreg marginal effects, significance and the s.e of
marginal effects from biprobit?
Thanks so much in advance for your response,
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