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RE: st: Notepad++ and Stata

From   "Marcos Delprato" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: Notepad++ and Stata
Date   Tue, 10 Jul 2007 11:27:52 +0100

Have you tried UltraEdit? You can get it at and I
have integrated to Stata with syntax highlighting. You might also find
UltraCompare useful. Hope this helps.


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Sent: 10 July 2007 02:44
Subject: Re: st: Notepad++ and Stata


thank you for your reply. Yes, I have tried to push up the sleep to
200, even 300, but I get the same result with the icon in the toolbar
saying that the script is paused.

The first time I use notepad++ to run the whole program or a selection
it works fine, but the second time I get this problem. But if
re-compile the script, still keeping Stata and notepad++ open, I am
able to send the code a second time, but if I try again without
re-compiling again I run into the same problem. Also, if I, after
running into this problem, close Stata I am able to send the code, it
starts up Stata and run the code.

Anyone who has an idea about what I might do wrong?

David, does the library you mention work with the light version of
Notetab, or do you have to have a more advanced version?

All the best,

On 7/10/07, David Elliott <> wrote:
> I have used Notepad++ and enjoy its syntax hilighting and code-folding
> features.
> However, I keep coming back to Notetab ( because the
> interactivity with other programs is built into Notetab itself, not
> provided by a scripting utility like AutoIt.  I have developed a
> library of text-processing functions and interactivity with Stata
> based on work started by Ross Odell.
> The library can be found at:
> .  This works with
> Notetab versions up to 4.95.  I also have a version that works with
> Notetab 5+ that I can make available upon request.
> For working with do files it has run, do, do-selected and do-to-end
> functionality.  It will do a lookup of Stata commands directly from
> the editor, and if Stata isn't open, it will start Stata.  You can't
> get that functionality from existing AutoIt scripts.  I have included
> an experimental execute-mata command that will paste a block of mata
> code into Stata and run it.
> A list of the text functions and links with Stata is included below:
>  _____________________
>      About this Library...
>  Do/Run/Test Commands
> run all/selected
> do all/selected
> do to end
> execute mata
>  -----------------------
> Debug (trace on|off)
> Cleanup (programs|logs)
> Clear Programs from Memory
> Match brackets
> Close Log
> Strip #review numbers
>  Commenting
> Comment selection /**/
> Add Comment to block
> Uncomment a block
>  Quick Reference
> Math Functions
> String Functions
> Keyword Help
>  Programming Constructs
> Ado Header
> while
> if
> for
> macro string quotes (`"`'"')
> macro plain quotes (`')
> macro dir (for debugging)
> generate
> egen
> replace
>  Multi-line display cmd
>  Utilities
> List files
> List do-files + *comments
> List ado-files + /*comments*/
> List all ado in subdirectories
> Strip Log Cmds to File
> Format Table for WP
> Alternate Table Format
>  -----------------------
> Stata Website Links
> (These last two are required because Notetab needs to store the path
> to the executable and the "flavour" of stata in the Windows Registry)
> Reset Registry
> OnOpen
> *
> *   For searches and help try:
> *
> *
> *

*   For searches and help try:

*   For searches and help try:

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