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Re: st: Notepad++ and Stata

From   "Richard Ohrvall" <>
Subject   Re: st: Notepad++ and Stata
Date   Tue, 10 Jul 2007 08:43:41 +0700


thank you for your reply. Yes, I have tried to push up the sleep to
200, even 300, but I get the same result with the icon in the toolbar
saying that the script is paused.

The first time I use notepad++ to run the whole program or a selection
it works fine, but the second time I get this problem. But if
re-compile the script, still keeping Stata and notepad++ open, I am
able to send the code a second time, but if I try again without
re-compiling again I run into the same problem. Also, if I, after
running into this problem, close Stata I am able to send the code, it
starts up Stata and run the code.

Anyone who has an idea about what I might do wrong?

David, does the library you mention work with the light version of
Notetab, or do you have to have a more advanced version?

All the best,

On 7/10/07, David Elliott <> wrote:
I have used Notepad++ and enjoy its syntax hilighting and code-folding

However, I keep coming back to Notetab ( because the
interactivity with other programs is built into Notetab itself, not
provided by a scripting utility like AutoIt.  I have developed a
library of text-processing functions and interactivity with Stata
based on work started by Ross Odell.

The library can be found at: .  This works with
Notetab versions up to 4.95.  I also have a version that works with
Notetab 5+ that I can make available upon request.

For working with do files it has run, do, do-selected and do-to-end
functionality.  It will do a lookup of Stata commands directly from
the editor, and if Stata isn't open, it will start Stata.  You can't
get that functionality from existing AutoIt scripts.  I have included
an experimental execute-mata command that will paste a block of mata
code into Stata and run it.

A list of the text functions and links with Stata is included below:
     About this Library...
 Do/Run/Test Commands
run all/selected
do all/selected
do to end
execute mata
Debug (trace on|off)
Cleanup (programs|logs)
Clear Programs from Memory
Match brackets
Close Log

Strip #review numbers

Comment selection /**/
Add Comment to block
Uncomment a block

 Quick Reference
Math Functions
String Functions
Keyword Help

 Programming Constructs
Ado Header

macro string quotes (`"`'"')
macro plain quotes (`')
macro dir (for debugging)

 Multi-line display cmd

List files
List do-files + *comments
List ado-files + /*comments*/
List all ado in subdirectories
Strip Log Cmds to File
Format Table for WP
Alternate Table Format
Stata Website Links

(These last two are required because Notetab needs to store the path
to the executable and the "flavour" of stata in the Windows Registry)
Reset Registry

*   For searches and help try:

*   For searches and help try:

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