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Re: st: Some experiences with Stata 10 for Linux

From   Ulrich Kohler <>
Subject   Re: st: Some experiences with Stata 10 for Linux
Date   Fri, 06 Jul 2007 10:32:51 +0200

Yesterday I wrote in respond to Lord Yupa and Alan Riley:

> 2007/7/4, Alan Riley <>:
> > - After installation console Stata works, but xstata didn't start
> > due to a missing libary, namely "". ...
> Ulrich then went on to describe some truly heroic machinations that he
> performed to install new operating system libraries.  After which, his
> installation worked.
> While I admire Uli's resourcefulness and tenacity, I would not
> recommend that others follow his approach.  Instead, simply install the
> statically-linked version of Stata from the CD r

Lord Yupa:
> I tried both the softlinking (/usr/lib/ ->
> /usr/lib/ and the installation of the statically-linked
> version of stata from CD and both apparently worked for me. The link
> solution was proposed in other forums for other software with the same
> problem due to the migration of most distributions from libtiff3 to
> libtiff4. Perhaps, for other "heroic" linux user, it could be useful
> to know what version of libtiff was used in order to create
> precompiled packages of compatibility libraries.

Ulrich Kohler
> For the time being I do not recommend to be as "heroic" as I was. The
> longer I work with my Stata 10 installation, the more problems I get
> with xstata. It seems very likely that this is due to my manipulation
> with libraries. I haven't  the Stata CD with me right now, but I will
> install the statically-linked version tomorrow, and report back.

I have now installed the satically-linked version of Stata for Linux. The 
installation went without any problems at all. However, the problems I 
mentioned yesterday remain. The most important problem concerns the redisplaying 
of regression models, which I have also described in a separate mail. Because of 
this I will contact and report the results back to Statalist.


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