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Re: st: Stata 10 Do-File Editors

From   Thorsten Faas <>
Subject   Re: st: Stata 10 Do-File Editors
Date   Wed, 04 Jul 2007 10:41:01 +0200

I have another problem using the do-file-editor: When trying to search (and replace) within the do-file-editor, it's not possible to maneuver within the search window using the keyboard - "tab" does not take me to the next field, "esc" does not close the search windows, "enter" does not start the search. Using the mouse works fine, but is really awkward.

The problem can be replicated on another computer here, but does not appear in any other software. I use Stata 10 SE and Windows XP.

Any ideas?


PS: I have already tried to post this message as a new thread yesterday, but apparently did not make it through the spam filter...

Fred Wolfe wrote:

I wanted to report that using Windows XP pro and most recent Stata 10 SE I have two Do-File Editors open, and each is labelled Untitled-1. Both have different text in them that I put there. It appears that the Windows are not being labelled correctly.

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