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Re: st: Specify coefficient vectors

From   "Austin Nichols" <>
Subject   Re: st: Specify coefficient vectors
Date   Tue, 3 Jul 2007 14:18:27 -0400

I don't think what you were doing before was what you think it was.
The -from- option passes a starting point to the ML process, and
-iterate(0)- says stop after the first iteration. But nothing in that
gives you a real e(V) matrix nor allows you to do any post-estimation
Perhaps you want constrained regression, but if you specify enough
constraints, the resulting e(V) will have a bunch of zeros, also not
allowing you to do any post-estimation testing.

sysuse auto, clear
constraint 2 price = 1
constraint 2 weight = 2
cnsreg mpg price weight, constraints(1 2)
mat li e(V)

On 7/3/07, <> wrote:
Dear statlist,

How do I specify coefficient vector values using -regress-? I would like
to test a linear regression model estimated using one dataset on a new
dataset, and run various post estimation tests. I have achieved this in
the past when using -clogit- with -iterate-, ie

clogit depvar indepvars, group() iterate(0) from(indepvar=#)

but iterate does not work with -regress-. Is there an alternative?

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