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Important things to report is how many missing values are you filling with 
the procedure. If 50% of your observations was "created" in that way then 
none reviewer should consider your paper as a serious research (maybe some).

I hope this helps you,

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From: "Claire M. Kamp Dush" <>
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Sent: Monday, May 21, 2007 9:11 PM
Subject: st: micombine and overall model fit statistics

> Dear statalist community,
> I am using micombine to deal with my missing data.  I only have one 
> issue - how do I get an overall model fit statistic with micombine?  Is 
> this possible?  For instance, I am using:
> micombine regress
> micombine stcox
> micombine logistic
> micombine nbreg
> Under normal circumstances, I would get an F, r-square, chi-square or some 
> other indicator of overall model fit if I was not using the micombine 
> pre-fix.  But, I do not get an F, or chi-square, with micombine.  What I 
> have done then is run each of my models separately within each of my 5 
> imputed datasets using if _j == `num' . . .  And, then I thought I could 
> somehow combine the results for an overall chi-square or F.  Of course, I 
> am sure I am violating a million rules by averaging these 5 F-values 
> together.  Any advice?  I just don't want my reviewers, who don't use 
> micombine, to question my results because I don't have the overall fit 
> reported, and I don't want to turn my paper into a statistical treatise 
> (i.e. report all of the results from all 5 models, etcetera, then compare 
> this to the original results), I just want to use micombine as a tool 
> because I don't have room in this paper to expand in this way.
> Any advice would be great.
> Thanks,
> Claire
> Claire M. Kamp Dush
> Institute for the Social Sciences Postdoctoral Fellow
> Evolving Family Theme Project
> Cornell University
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