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st: trouble aligning combined -hbar- charts

From   "Garrard, Wendy M." <wendy.garrard@Vanderbilt.Edu>
To   <>
Subject   st: trouble aligning combined -hbar- charts
Date   Sun, 20 May 2007 06:44:02 -0500

Hi StataList,
I am trying to combine multiple horizontal bar charts in a single
1-column graphic.  All graphs have the same y axis scale (0, .25, .50.
.75).  I have tried adjusting many things (for example -ysize()- and a
number of options for margins and regions) with no success.  
The problem seems related to the differing widths of the x axis labels
(e.g., the three category labels for one graph are "Ages 6-9"  "Ages
10-13"  "Ages 14-17", and the two category labels for another graph are
"Yes" "No".
A search of the StataList archives turned up many posts on this sort of
problem, but I did not find one that helped me understand how to fix my
own graphs. 
Is there a way to make the plot areas of my -hbar- charts identical in
Thanks for suggestions,

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