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Re: st: Viewing code for matrix functions

From   n j cox <>
Subject   Re: st: Viewing code for matrix functions
Date   Tue, 06 Mar 2007 18:02:34 +0000

-which- tells you the location of
an .ado file defining a command, so long
as you have it installed, and as a
bonus will tell you if that command is in
fact bullt-in.

However, -cholesky()- is not a command, but, as
you say, a function. So it does not come
under the scope of -which-. (Nor is it defined
by an .ado.)

In fact, no code for functions is accessible to
users. All are wired in to the executable.

The exceptions are -egen- functions (which
despite their name are more like subcommands)
and Mata functions. Some Mata functions are

The word "function" in Stata is somewhat overloaded,
especially if users come with preconceptions
from other languages about what is or
is not a function, but that's the story.



I would like to see the code for several of Stata's matrix functions
(for example, cholesky()).  However, I can't seem to find where they
are implemented.

-which- cholesky tells me it's not implemented as either an ado or
built-in function, so I assume I must be using the wrong name.

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