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RE: st: problems (again) on updating ivreg2 - is it because of the SJ?

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: problems (again) on updating ivreg2 - is it because of the SJ?
Date   Thu, 8 Feb 2007 12:54:36 -0000

I have a more mundane tip. You don't have to be a programmer
to look inside a program. Anyone can look. In fact, Stata will
look for you.

In particular, 
if I want to know whether a program on SSC is more up-to-date
than one I have on my system, I can go 

. ssc type ivreg2.ado 

A lot of stuff may scroll by, but I am looking for some stuff
at the top like 

*! ivreg2 2.1.21  5Feb2007

which I can compare with what is on my system: 

. which ivreg2, all

to see if I need to update. (I do.) 

Two details:

1. The -all- option is worth it too. Somehow you have may 
multiple versions installed. That can be a cause of confusion, 
either in this respect or in others. 

2. This depends on programmers using the *! system. If 
they don't, well, they could be forgetful, or there might 
be a warning hidden for you about their cutting of corners. 


Richard Williams
> The same program (or programs with the same name) can often be found 
> at multiple locations, e.g. SJ and SSC.  adoupdate will update 
> whichever version you installed.  It doesn't know that the SSC 
> version is more current than the SJ version.  Even if it did know 
> that a program called ivreg2 was in multiple locations, I don't think 
> you'd want it deciding for itself to install from a different 
> location than you did - after all, there could be two totally 
> different programs with the same name.
> Personally, if -findit- yields multiple hits, I go with the SSC 
> version, unless I know for a fact that a more current version is 
> available elsewhere. (One exception: the -fitstat- on SSC is less 
> current than the version that can be found on J. Scott Long's
> My guess is that the best thing to do is uninstall the st0030_2 
> package; and then install the individual programs that were part of 
> it (ivreg2, ivendog, etc.) from SSC.

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