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st: Re: subject-specific imputation with ICE

From   "Sarah A. Mustillo" <>
Subject   st: Re: subject-specific imputation with ICE
Date   Fri, 13 Oct 2006 10:08:53 -0400

Hi - I was waiting for someone else to reply, but haven't seen any cross the list. When I use ICE, I impute within each subject. I have no citations on this or anything to support that approach, it just intuitively seemed to me that it could be problematic to impute across the entire dataset when the obs are correlated. So, I reshape the data to wide and impute as one observation per person. Whether this actually makes a difference is probably questionable. At some point I'll try it both ways and compare...

Good luck!


Dan MacNulty wrote:

I have two questions with respect to imputation and the program ICE. In situations where data are subject-specific, e.g. clustered within patient_ID, is it recommended that one impute within each subject or is it sufficient to impute across the entire dataset? If the former, can ICE be implemented to impute missing values within each subject, and if so, how?

Dan MacNulty
University of Minnesota
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Sarah A. Mustillo, Ph.D
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Duke University School of Medicine
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