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st: Goodness of fit using Cox-snell residuals

From   "Emelda Okiro" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Goodness of fit using Cox-snell residuals
Date   Tue, 30 May 2006 11:28:58 +0300

I posted this message last week and i have not got a response so i
thought it wise to maybe try my luck again

I am trying to assess the goodness of fit of my cox Model using the
cox-snell residuals but am getting
an error message. I have a dataset with repeated measurement within
individuals. The model has several variables with more than two
categories. I am using calender time as my analysis time scale as
exposure varies with time. I think its something to do with the way i
have set my data.  Can anyone please assist me. i have included my stata

I first stset my data using
stset date_visit, id (rsv) failure(lrti) enter(time
date_origin)origin(time d(31jan2002)) exit(time date_exit) scale(1)

quietly xi: stcox i.currentagegrp sex i.siblings_un6 i.main_fuel
i.hse_toilet i.babies_bor i.family_children
i.interaction_un6 i.siblingssch_un6 i.siblingsroom_ov6 i.female_sibs
poor  i.weaning i.job_desc, nohr mgale(mg)

predict cs, csnell

stset cs, failure(lrti)

sts gen H=na

graph H cs cs, c(ll) s(o.) sort xlab(0 1 to 10) ylab(0 1 to 10)

I would be grateful for any insight on what the problem could be.


Emelda Okiro
Centre for Geographic Medicine Research - Coast
Kemri/Wellcome Trust Research Programme
P. O. Box 230
Kilifi, Kenya
Tel +254 41 522063/552535/525043
Fax +254 41 522390

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