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Re: st: Two wishes

From   "Neil Shephard" <>
Subject   Re: st: Two wishes
Date   Wed, 24 May 2006 09:16:34 +0800

On 5/23/06, Ada Ma <> wrote:

Since you understand the OS issue regarding the use of HD as RAM,
could you explain this to me??

I have a almost 4 yr old computer with 1GB RAM on it.  It's running
Windows XP and it would allow me to set mem 900m even though I think
it is not physically possible.  It used to have Windows 98 SE on it
and then I couldn't set mem more than 700m, and it struggled even when
it was doing 700m with lots of reboot, etc.

Then I have two newer Windows XP computers which wouldn't swap.  One
is a laptop with 1GB RAM, I can only set mem 900m when I have shut
down almost everything that can possibly be shut down.  And 900m is
the max I can do.  Another is a oldish desktop (may be 2 yr old)
physically it has 3GB RAM and I can only set mem 1200m tops.

It is the oldest computer amongst the 3 I've got that can do the
swapping, is there anything I can do to the two new ones to get them
to swap too?

I'm no real expert on this matter, and can't really provide much
comment on your problem since I don't use Windows.

There are however a number of posts in the archives discussing memory
issues and the inherent limitations on the Windows OS.

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