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st: GLLAMM and covariance structure

From   "Brian W WEIR" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: GLLAMM and covariance structure
Date   Mon, 22 May 2006 13:12:49 -0700

I am using GLLAMM to run a random-intercept logistic regression.  I can
find no information on what covariance structure is used (e.g.,
exchangable, identity, autoregressive), or how I can specify a
covariance structure.
Could somebody explain to me whether GLLAMM uses a covariance
structure, and if not, why not?
Below is some additional information on the model I am running:
The model is a repeated mesures study with four timepoints.  The
outcome here (harddrug) is dichotomous.
The command I am using is:
xi: gllamm harddrug i.howstab time i.group3, i(id) link(logit)
family(binom) nip(30) adapt nolog eform
harddrug=drug use in last 30 days (0/1)
howstab=level of housing stability (0/1/2)
time=assessment wave (0/1/2/3)
group3=group assignment (0/1/2)
id=subject identifier (n=530)
Thanks for any help you can provide
Brian Weir
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