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Re: st: basic question about multi-level data

From   Rose Medeiros <>
Subject   Re: st: basic question about multi-level data
Date   Tue, 29 Nov 2005 17:39:01 -0500

Reading information on xtmixed (note that xtmixed is new to Stata 9) or gllamm will show you how to estimate the models, but very little about whether you should estimate them (i.e. are they appropriate, the assumptions, etc.). Stata press does have a book titled "Multilevel and Longitudinal Modeling Using Stata" which might be of some help (I haven't actually seen the book). You might also refer to "Hierarchical Linear Modeling" by Raudenbush and Byrk, or "Multilevel Modeling" by J. Hox .

Richard Sherman wrote:

Dear Statalist,

A student of mine is working with a type of data with which I have no experience. The key feature of the data is that the unit of observation/analysis is multi-level, with some observations measured at the level of specific neighborhoods, others at a region larger than a neighborhood, and some at the whole city (in this case Baghdad). That is, the same variables are measured over different units.

Ordinarily when I get close to this type of data, I start moving in the other direction without delay. But I know vaguely of the existence of multi-level techniques, and I thought I'd ask you all for where in Stata I should be looking to start finding out about how and whether to do this type of analysis. Thanks for your help,


Richard Sherman
Department of Political Science, Leiden University
Leiden, Netherlands

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