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st: RE: problems with version control using graph command

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: problems with version control using graph command
Date   Mon, 14 Nov 2005 11:28:55 -0000

This is a frequent misunderstanding about -version-
and arises often on this list. I think it is a very 
understandable misunderstanding, as explaining with complete
clarity and complete correctness exactly what -version- implies 
appears to be quite difficult even for developers. 

Concretely, in your example, issuing within Stata 9
-version 8.2:- doesn't necessarily set 
the clock back to Stata 8.2 in all respects -- even just 
in respect of those you have specified in your command. 

It just sets the clock back in certain respects when 
reproducing Stata's previous behaviour (a) is sensible 
and (b) might be desired. Admittedly, StataCorp is doing 
all the judging on (a) and (b). 

The converse would bloat Stata extraordinarily by 
obliging Stata to hold within its code all sorts of branches
to allow old code to be re-used -- even if we are severe 
and say (1) no reproduction of bugs allowed and (2) no reproduction
of totally obsolete commands allowed. (But what's obsolete? 
Only the other day Allan Reese was using -fit-, a blast from 
the past if ever there was one. But it still works as he 
remembers it.) 

In this case, Stata is set up so that your request to 
use -version 8.2- is ignored. You are in Stata 9, really,
and -fcolor()- is allowed, and Stata knows that, so that 
Stata presumes that you do not mean what you say. More 
often than not, this is really a feature. 

The issue is more general. Suppose you write 

program myprog
	version 8.2

and include within it, say accidentally, Stata 9 features. Will Stata complain 
just because of that? Within Stata 9: No. Within Stata 8.2: Yes. 
Confusing, at first sight, because you may think that the -version 8.2- 
fixes all and that your friend with 8.2 can use this program. 

In short: 

1. -version- is only in very limited respects a time machine. 

2. The only full and complete return to version # conditions is using 
Stata version #.


Spörri-Fahrni Adrian
> I wrote a do-file with Stata9 for someone using 8.2. No 
> problem, I thought, and wrote "version 8.2" in one of the first lines.
> Nevertheless, the do-file did not run with Stata8.2.
> Here's the command, which did not work (boxplot):
> graph box aktmin, medtype(line) over(agegrp) box(1, fcolor(gs12)) 
> This does not run, because the option fcolor doesn't exist in 
> Stata8.2, it should be bfcolor.
> So, when running
> version 8.2: graph box aktmin, medtype(line) over(agegrp) 
> box(1, fcolor(gs12)) 
> with Stata9, I should receive a red error line telling me: 
> option fcolor() not allowed! Anyway, Stata9 runs this line 
> without problem.
> Does anybody have an idea, why the command "version 8.2" does 
> not work in my example?

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