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st: RE: r(198): option rstandard/rstudent/cooksd not allowed

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: r(198): option rstandard/rstudent/cooksd not allowed
Date   Mon, 14 Nov 2005 10:48:16 -0000

I have problems working out what the issue is here. 

-extremes- from SSC does no testing. It is just 
a display command. But you haven't got there yet. 

I doubt that your -regress- command was what you typed
here, as it is illegal as it stands. 

By -predit- you evidently mean -predict- but 
if the -regress- was illegal it is not easy 
to work out what the -predict- was working on, 
possibly the results of your last _legal_
modelling command. 

The FAQ advises 

"Say exactly what you typed and exactly what Stata 
typed (or did) in response. N.B. exactly! If you can, 
reproduce the error with one of Stata's provided datasets 
or a simple concocted dataset that you include in your posting." 


Jia Xiangping
> Before I use -extremes- to test outliers, -predit stdrest, rstandard-
> was applied to get the sandardized residuals. But I was informed that
> "error: r(198) and option rstandard not allowed". The same problem to
> option rstudent and cooksd.
> The regression is : regress x y z*w a b
> There is a interaction termsz*w. If it results in the problem?
> I'm using Stata version 8.2. The system is Windows XP. Can someone
> tell me what's wrong? Tons of thanks.

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