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st: RE: Rép. : RE: st: Kwallis in a loop [now p-value of the Kwallis]

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: Rép. : RE: st: Kwallis in a loop [now p-value of the Kwallis]
Date   Mon, 14 Nov 2005 10:43:17 -0000

Alan Riley privately and kindly pointed to what I suspect
is the correct explanation. 

-tokenize- does by default parse on spaces, but 
it also allows options, so it is looking for them. 
It can thus, understandably, get confused by unprotected commas. 

It follows that I need to fix -makematrix- to 
ensure that this doesn't happen. 


Nick Cox 
> When you type what you did, the official Stata 
> command -tokenize- called within -makematrix- 
> fails because it objects, as reported, to  
> tokenize r(chi2_adj) max(chiprob(r(df),r(chi2_adj)+1e-20),.0001)
> At this moment, I am hard pushed to see whose bug this is, 
> mine or Stata's, as -tokenize- professes to tokenize 
> on spaces unless otherwise instructed. The Statalist FAQ
> does advise me not to say that something is a bug, because
> it usually isn't. However, compare, for example, 
> . local 2 : word 2 of r(chi2_adj) 
> max(chiprob(r(df),r(chi2_adj)+1e-20),.0001)
> . di "`2'" 
> max(chiprob(r(df),r(chi2_adj)+1e-20),.0001)
> which works as I expect. In short, -makematrix- can't cope with 
> what you want, but in principle that might be my bug. 

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