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st: RE: bootstrapping and permutation tests

From   "Maarten Buis" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: bootstrapping and permutation tests
Date   Fri, 4 Nov 2005 10:27:48 +0100

I find the first few chapters of (Efron and Tibshirani 1993) accessible and useful.

Robert Stine has lecture notes etc. of a week long course on the bootstrap on his website which might be helpful (he uses R though)

The -bootstrap- entry in the Stata manual is clear and contains more than enough information to fill multiple 30 minute lectures.

Hope this helps,

Bradley Efron and Robert J. Tibshirani (1993), "An Introduction to the Bootstrap", Boca Raton: Chapman &Hall/CRC

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From: []On Behalf Of P chrisman
Sent: vrijdag 4 november 2005 9:46
Subject: st: bootstrapping and permutation tests

Hi List,

This newbie has another question. I am a 1st grad student in
biostatistics and my TA professor has asked me to put together a 30
minute lecture on bootstrapping and permutation tests using Stata. The
course is a Medical Biometry 1 course designed primarily for public
health and epidemiology grad students. If anyone can point me in the
right direction for information, it would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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