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st: RE: command line text right-justified

From (Kevin Turner)
Subject   st: RE: command line text right-justified
Date   Tue, 25 Oct 2005 11:06:36 -0500

Andrew Felton ( writes:

> Whenever I press the sequence Control-Right
> Arrow-Shift in the command line, the text shifts to
> the right side of the screen and all the arrow keys
> are backwards.  Unfortunately, I can't figure out how
> to reverse this and usually have to shut down Stata
> and reload the program, which is a bit frustrating.  I
> can't find this behavior documented anywhere.  Can
> anyone help me fix this?

I can't reproduce this, but I think I might have an idea what could
be causing the behavior. 

Windows supports multiple languages that are right-justified, such 
as Arabic. Via the Control Panel --> Regional and Language Options, 
you can find a whole host of configurations to alter your Windows 
installation to accommodate these particular languages. Some of the 
options deal with keystroke combinations that toggle these language
settings per application. 

Now, I don't typically run my computer in Arabic, so I can't point 
you to an exact solution (yet) but it is my hunch that your 
installation of Windows might be configured to interpret that 
particular keystroke combination as "right justify" instead of the 
normal "select the next word" action.

Again, I'll reiterate that this is only an educated guess. Let me 
know if you discover a cause/solution. 

-- Kevin
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