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st: help on outfile to fixed formatted text file

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Subject   st: help on outfile to fixed formatted text file
Date   Tue, 25 Oct 2005 11:50:31 -0400

Hello List,
I'm using Stata8 on Windows XP.

I would like to export the stata output to a fixed formatted text file.
I think I need to use dictionary option with outfile but can't figure
out how to implement it. Can someone please help me?

For example, the variables that I want to write are: date state revenue
//(date is a date formatted float, state is 2 char string, and revenue
is float)

The output needs to look like:
04/09/05GA500.00 (where date is 04/09/05, state is GA and revenue is
10/09/05NY700.00 (where date is 10/09/05, state is NY and revenue is
and so on...

Thank you.

Pinaki Mitra

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