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st: analysis of cumulative incidence data

From   Charlotta Eriksson <>
Subject   st: analysis of cumulative incidence data
Date   Mon, 24 Oct 2005 17:07:57 +0200

Dear Statalist User,
I'm about to analyze a cohort of men regarding the cumulative incidence of hypertension in relation to a categorized exposure variable. Currently I'm considering which method that would be most suitable for calculating risk estimates and I turn to you for advice. I have considered the 'logistic' command but that merely yields Odds Ratios and not the Relative Risks I'm after. Then I found the 'binreg' command and was happy to see that it yielded the same result as my "by hand calculations" (with inclusion of the option rr), but when I tried to control for more than two confounding variables, the model could not give an answer.
my questions:
1. Can the logistic regression be used in the analysis of cumulative incidence data? How?
2. If not; what command is better suited for this purpose?
3. Is the 'binreg' command just a sub group to 'logistic'?
4. How do I adjust for different variables using the 'binreg' command?

Most great full for answers!!

Greetings from Charlotta

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