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st: adjust

From   <>
Subject   st: adjust
Date   Mon, 24 Oct 2005 10:33:52 -0400

Dear All,
             I have a regression model of the form

Ln(crh)= b0 + b1*time + b2*group + b3*(group*time)

Group=0 or 1

On estimating the model I get  the coefficients as b0= 1.909274, b1=.0826049, 
b2= -.232426, and  b3 = .0266414. With these coefficients, if I try to predict the value of ln(crh) for time=10; I get a value of  2.735 for group-0 and 2.769 for group-1. I calculated this by back substitution. 
If I try to predict ln(crh) at time=10 using the ‘adjust’ command I get a different value for group-1. I get 3.022 as the predicted value for group-1 but the predicted value for group-0 remains the same as before.

I'd appreciate any help on this



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