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Re: st: Plotting string variables with sencode

From   Roger Newson <>
Subject   Re: st: Plotting string variables with sencode
Date   Thu, 06 Oct 2005 13:34:50 +0100

At 12:05 06/10/2005, Joanna wrote:
Thank you very much Roger that does help tremendously. I wonder if you or anyone else may also be able to help me with another graphical problem I'm having?

I would like to truncate these plots (either the ecl or rcap plots) so that I can 'magnify' the area where the very small (at present invisible!) confidence intervals are. Some of the upper and lower intervals will be outside of the range that I would like, however the estimates would still fall into the new shorter range. I know of the truncate option that can be applied to version 7 metagraph but eclplot (and rcap) doesn't allow it. Does anyone know a way of doing this please?
You can use -replace- before -eclplot- or -rcap-, as in

local cimax=200
replace max95=`cimax' if max95>`cimax' & !missing(max95)
eclplot estimate min95 max95 study, hori

However, I am wondering if what you really need is a log scale for the confidence intervals. The -xscale()- and -yscale()- options both have a -log- suboption to allow this. To produce a sensible set of labels on a log axis, you might like to use my program -logaxis-, which is part of the package -regaxis-, downloadable from SSC.

I hope this helps.


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