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st: RE: Bessel

Subject   st: RE: Bessel
Date   Sun, 2 Oct 2005 13:53:31 EDT

Thanks for the feedback. I'll check  with Bobby. 

For those who don't know my purpose in asking, I'm  interested in programming 
a PIG (or Holla) model in Stata, which is a  Poisson-Inverse Gaussian mixture 
model. I did it using MathStatica 1.5, which is  a statistical add-on package 
to Mathematica 5.2. But since a type 2 Bessel  function is involved in both 
the PMF and LL functions, it may be difficult to  program it using Stata 
facilities. Hence my query about any good approximations  - or even a programmed 
Bessel type 2 function itself. Since the Bessel is based  on the Gamma, I thought 
perhaps someone might have found a shortcut to the  Bessel using Stata's 
gamma - or a related - function.

I found an  approximation to the Bessel Type 2 in an old journal article. 
Since it is an  approximation anyhow, I further simplified it by calculating pi/2 
and pi/4 to  their numeric values (to 4 decimal points), which are 1.5708 and 
0.7854  respectively. The actual approximation I found was given as:
J_n(x) ~  sqrt(2/(pi*x)) * sin(x-(2*n+1)*(pi/4). 

Kit Baum provided me with a  reference to Fortran source code for the 
function. I'll take a look at that as  well. It just may be that there will be too 
much work involved to program the  PIG at this time. However, it is has useful 
properties for modeling the response  as the values of the counts slowly 
decrease with their increasing value.  

Joe Hilbe  


Date:  Sat, 1 Oct 2005 17:43:21 +0100
From: "Nick Cox"  <>
Subject: st: RE: RE: Bessel

Bobby  Gutierrez needed some Bessel function 
for some purpose and wrote an  undocumented helper
program. I can't remember which and can't find 
the  code. 

I once wrote a rather specific Stata program for I_0, 
not what  you specify here. 

1.5708 means _pi/2 here. 

Odds are you need to  transliterate formulae
from Abramowitz and Stegun's handbook to Stata or  Mata. 


>  To be more specific, has anyone  made a Bessel of the 2nd 
> kind  function in 
> Stata? An approximation is  sqrt(1.5708/x) * 
>  sin(x-0.7854(2y+1)) for values 
> closer to the max values   and
> -[ (2^n)(n-1)! /pi ] * x^(-n) for values closer to 0. If 
>  someone has a  
> better approximation, or the "exact" function in  Stata, I'd 
> love to see  it.   

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