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st: Queries to Statalist from a Yahoo Account

From   Ramani Gunatilaka <>
Subject   st: Queries to Statalist from a Yahoo Account
Date   Tue, 27 Sep 2005 09:29:46 +0000

Hi Statalist,
The attached message sent through my Yahoo account was not received by Statalist even though it was marked as 'Sent' in my Yahoo 'Sent' folder. It was, however, received by my Monash account, that is the one I am writing from.
If someone has any ideas about this, I would be grateful.
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From   Ramani Gunatilaka <>
Subject   Sending questions to Statalist from a Yahoo Account
Date   Tue, 27 Sep 2005 19:18:13 +1000 (EST)
Hi Statalist,
This problem cropped up over the weekend in relations to some other queries and I have been trying to solve it.
To recap, I have subscribed to Statalist from two accounts, Yahoo and Monash University. I subscribed from the Monash university account because e-mails to Statalist from the Yahoo account would be marked as 'sent' but would not be received by the list. My Yahoo account would receive Statalist mails, but not the ones sent from it . The Monash Uni account had no such problems. 
After some discussion with Nick Cox and Marcello Pagano, I contacted Yahoo about it. I provided some details of the 'sent' message which did not really go. Since I didn't get an error message, they assume that the mail was addressed wrongly!
I am now sending this mail from the Yahoo account to,
(a) see whether it is received by Statalist
(b) whether my Monash account, to which it is blind copied receives it.
If (a), then that means my problem is solved. If not (a), I will write again from my Monash account with a copy to Yahoo.

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