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Re: st: Problems with internet access [was: ... Collapse syntax error]

From   Ramani Gunatilaka <>
Subject   Re: st: Problems with internet access [was: ... Collapse syntax error]
Date   Thu, 22 Sep 2005 19:08:19 +0000

Thanks, Nick.
I am dealing with the problems one by one.
The first to update Stata from
I had been looking at and couldn't navigate from that page to the one you gave me.
Anyway, did as instructed, that is saved the bin file in my C:\Stata folder, renamed WSTATA.EXE, WSTATA.OLD and renamed WSTATA.BIN as WSTATA.EXE.
Now the problem is that though I renamed the BIn file as Exe, though the name changed it remained an EXE file. And when I tried to click on it to make Stata run, I was given this dire warning and backed off in fear.
"Files are used by the Operating system or various programmes. Editing or modifying them could damage your system"
Then it gave me a choice to select a programme from the web with which to open the file. 
But what I noticed was, when the file is renamed, it is called a wstata.exe.bin. That is renaming does not get rid of the bin.
Can you please advise me what I should do?

n j cox <> wrote:
> Ramani Gunatilaka >>> About updating to version 8.2.
> My computer used to be connected to the Monash Uni network and had a 
> proxy host. But now it is directly connected to the internet so I turned
> set httpproxyhost off. (I have sent several queries earlier about this 
> while at Monash and got sorted out about needing to set the proxyhost).
> But even though I turned the thing off because I have direct broadband 
> access, I can't get through to the website on <findit upadate>. The 
> webpage which tells you how to update executables if you do not have 
> direct access from Stata, has only Stata version 8 born Jan 2003 and not
> the later versions.
> NJC >>> The only way to sort your local net problems is by matching
> precise information on your set-up with the detailed advice in -netio-.
> I imagine that Stata tech-support would be happy to help.
> I just looked at
> which points to an executable dated 10 January 2005.
> Where are you looking?
> Ramani >>> A further problem. This e-mail address  used to be on 
> Statalist but I unsubscribed as I have finished my course at Monash. I 
> then wrote in from my Yahoo account and got myself on the mailing list.
> Unfortunately, although I get mails from Statalist to the Yahoo account,
> I can't send any - I have been struggling with collapse for three days.
> So I got back into my Monash account, subscribed again and managed to 
> send a query from that account. Can someone please explain to me why 
> this should be so?
> NJC >>> No, I can't explain on this information, which boils down
> to the fact that you couldn't post successfully from a Yahoo account.
> In addition to the points that Marcello has just made, there remains
> the possibility that the problem is with Yahoo and needs to be
> sorted out with them. I don't have any experience with Yahoo myself. I 
> just looked at and found this
> Group Information
> Members: 909
> Category: Philosophy
> Founded: Aug 7, 1998
> As _all_ these supposed facts are incorrect, goodness knows what
> else is wrong. Other people who access Statalist through Yahoo
> may be able to give better advice.
> Nick
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