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st: Problems with internet access [was: ... Collapse syntax error]

From   n j cox <>
Subject   st: Problems with internet access [was: ... Collapse syntax error]
Date   Thu, 22 Sep 2005 13:40:18 +0100

Ramani Gunatilaka >>> About updating to version 8.2.
My computer used to be connected to the Monash Uni network and had a proxy host. But now it is directly connected to the internet so I turned set httpproxyhost off. (I have sent several queries earlier about this while at Monash and got sorted out about needing to set the proxyhost).
But even though I turned the thing off because I have direct broadband access, I can't get through to the website on <findit upadate>. The webpage which tells you how to update executables if you do not have direct access from Stata, has only Stata version 8 born Jan 2003 and not the later versions.

NJC >>> The only way to sort your local net problems is by matching
precise information on your set-up with the detailed advice in -netio-.
I imagine that Stata tech-support would be happy to help.

I just looked at
which points to an executable dated 10 January 2005.
Where are you looking?

Ramani >>> A further problem. This e-mail address used to be on Statalist but I unsubscribed as I have finished my course at Monash. I then wrote in from my Yahoo account and got myself on the mailing list. Unfortunately, although I get mails from Statalist to the Yahoo account, I can't send any - I have been struggling with collapse for three days. So I got back into my Monash account, subscribed again and managed to send a query from that account. Can someone please explain to me why this should be so?

NJC >>> No, I can't explain on this information, which boils down
to the fact that you couldn't post successfully from a Yahoo account.
In addition to the points that Marcello has just made, there remains
the possibility that the problem is with Yahoo and needs to be
sorted out with them. I don't have any experience with Yahoo myself. I just looked at and found this

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As _all_ these supposed facts are incorrect, goodness knows what
else is wrong. Other people who access Statalist through Yahoo
may be able to give better advice.

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