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Re: st: collapse syntax error

From   Marcello Pagano <>
Subject   Re: st: collapse syntax error
Date   Thu, 22 Sep 2005 08:25:44 -0400

As always, the rules for posting have been spelled out in

especially Section 2.2. Nothing has changed, you still need to post from your subscribed address and write in plain text. We are working on changing all of this and making life a little easier, but for now things remain the same.


Ramani Gunatilaka wrote:

Thanks, Nick and Louis.
About updating to version 8.2.
My computer used to be connected to the Monash Uni network and had a proxy host. But now it is directly connected to the internet so I turned set httpproxyhost off. (I have sent several queries earlier about this while at Monash and got sorted out about needing to set the proxyhost).
But even though I turned the thing off because I have direct broadband access, I can't get through to the website on <findit upadate>. The webpage which tells you how to update executables if you do not have direct access from Stata, has only Stata version 8 born Jan 2003 and not the later versions.
A further problem. This e-mail address used to be on Statalist but I unsubscribed as I have finished my course at Monash. I then wrote in from my Yahoo account and got myself on the mailing list. Unfortunately, although I get mails from Statalist to the Yahoo account, I can't send any - I have been struggling with collapse for three days. So I got back into my Monash account, subscribed again and managed to send a query from that account. Can someone please explain to me why this should be so?
Sorry this is a long mail - but this internet thing is really bugging me.

n j cox <> wrote:

In addition, this looks like a -contract- problem.


louis boakye-yiadom

Your code looks fine to me. How about updating to version 8.2 and trying


I am trying to calculate household size using collapse. The dataset has
two variables, a unique household ID <uhhid> and the serial numbers of
the >household members <hhmem>.
This is the code I used and the error I get.

. /*create variable household size*/
. use rindvar02, clear

. keep uhhid hhmem

. sort uhhid hhmem

. gen num=1

. collapse (sum) hhsize=num, by(uhhid)
invalid syntax

I am using
Stata/SE 8.0 for Windows
Born 30 Jan 2003
Copyright (C) 1985-2003

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