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Re: st: Sceenshop of Stata 9 menus

From   Christian Holz <>
Subject   Re: st: Sceenshop of Stata 9 menus
Date   Thu, 01 Sep 2005 14:23:13 +0100


I assume, we are speaking about a MS Windows system, if you dont use Windows forget the following...

Both the <alt>+<print screen> and the <alt>+<ctrl>+<print screen> (as suggested by Sebastian) options won't work for what I believe, Wolfgang seeks to achieve.
He writes, he want to get "screenshots of the Stata-menu", that is the content of the pop down menus "File", "Edit", "Prefs" etc... or their submenus.
Pressing the <alt> key on the keyboard, however, causes these menus to close before the screenshot is taken. You should therefore press the <print screen> key only. That will copy a screen shot of you entire screen content (if you're using more than one screen even of all screens) to the clipboard. From there you can paste it into any graphics editor (even paint, which is boxed with windows will do) to cut out the bit you need.

Hope this works for you,

Christian Holz
Department of Sociology
University of Glasgow
Scotland, U.K.
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