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st: Need help: Problems with tsset

From   "risti permani" <>
Subject   st: Need help: Problems with tsset
Date   Wed, 24 Aug 2005 08:47:31 +0000

Dear All,

This might be a simple problem for those who are familiar with STATA, but it really makes me confused.

so, I have panel data
the period is in 5 year interval - across countries.
and I need to tsset the data before using xtabond and xtivreg fd
the format of my data are something like this:

isocode yr income
1 1965 1230
1 1970 1450
1 2000 3670
2 1965 2345
2 1970 3400

so how to tsset the data
I've tried to do this:

tsset isocode yr

then it appears on the result box:

panel variable: isocode, 1 to 18
time variable: yr, 1965 to 2000, but with gaps

then, I put command for xtivreg
but then the result is "no observation"

so my QUESTION: what command should I put to state 5 year interval and make it work?

I really appreciate for your help and comments

Risti Permani

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