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st: 2004may18 executable update

Subject   st: 2004may18 executable update
Date   Tue, 18 May 2004 16:25:08 -0500

There is a new executable update available today, May 18, 2004, that includes
over 60 changes and improvements.  We recommend you read the entire list of
changes in the What's New help file but some of the changes will be of
particular interest to Stata for Windows users.

As previewed in the Berlin Stata users group meeting, we've addressed the
issue of the Variables and Review windows sitting outside the main Stata
window and obscuring the windows behind them (we call a window that behaves
that way a floating window).  Stata now allows you to move the windows back to
the main Stata window.  The windows, when not floating, no longer obscure
other windows and will move in relation to the main Stata window without
having to hold down any special key combinations.  You may make this change
(and many others) through the General Preferences dialog or the -set- command.
After updating your stata (executable and ado) read -help whatsnew- for full

In a past executable, we added XP Visual Style support so that controls and
dialogs within Stata would appear in the proper XP theme when running on
Windows XP.  A side-effect of adding XP Visual Style support to Stata was that
the programmable dialogs would take from 2 to 3 times longer to display.
Windows XP users may now disable the XP visual style in Stata to speed up
the display of Stata's programmable dialogs.  We do not recommend this,
however, unless dialogs appear to take a long time to load on your computer.

There were also many other improvements made to make Stata more consistent
with other Windows applications.

If you like Stata the way it is now, don't worry, the new update still
respects your current window settings so nothing significant will be
changed without your knowledge.  You must actually make the changes to
the settings yourself to take advantage of some of the improvements.
However, the improvements are now the default settings.  Selecting
Default Windowing from the Preferences menu will set Stata to default
window settings we believe most of our users will prefer.

-Chinh Nguyen
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