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st: some notes on the usage of -estout-

From   "Jann, Ben" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: some notes on the usage of -estout-
Date   Tue, 18 May 2004 23:52:32 +0200

Offlist, Clive Nicholas pointed out to me that -estout-

> does not appear to properly present two clean columns of 
> regression output, as it should!

My reply was:

short answer: add "modelwidth(10)" to the command

long answer: My first intention was to program a utility 
to save estimates to a spreadsheet (i.e. a tab-delimited 
text file) which can be easily imported to a program like 
excel. (...) However, such tab-delimited files are not 
displayed nicely by text editors/viewers like the stata 
results window or stata viewer because the columns have 
no fixed width (this is called "free format"). 

I understand that one is temted to use estout as a substitute
to -estimates table- because it can do much more. The problem 
is, that estout has no real display routine - it just replays 
the produced tab-delimited file.

Because I wanted -estout- to be a general program I added 
support for other kinds of output files like e.g. TeX, which
is basically just a matter of specifying different delimiters. 
Now, raw TeX tabulars are really messy and unpleasant to work 
with if they are in free format. Thus, I added the possibility 
to fix the variable stub and the model colums to a certain 

As a side effect, these options (-varwidth-, -modelwidth-, and 
-delimiter-) open the backdoor to use -estout- as a substitute 
of -estimates table-. If modelwidth and varwidth are specified, 
a fixed format file is produced (you have to make sure, though, 
that modelwidth is large enough; also it is advisable to get 
rid of the tab-character expansion by either specifying 
-showtabs- or changing the delimiter to, e.g., a blank: 
-delimiter(" ")-). Such files look all right in the stata 
results window.


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