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Re: st: Reporting Multiple Models In A Single Table

From   Richard Williams <>
Subject   Re: st: Reporting Multiple Models In A Single Table
Date   Mon, 08 Mar 2004 17:59:53 -0500

At 04:35 PM 3/8/2004 -0600, Patrick McLeod wrote:
Good Afternoon Statalisters,

I have a question regarding reporting the estimation results of multiple models in a single table. Say I have four different models I estimate using -regress-. I store each of these models after estimation using -est store modelx- where x=1 through 4 for each of my four models.

Is there a way I can integrate each of these model's estimation reports (the F, Prob > F, # of obs., R^2, root MSE, and independent variable statistics) into a single table of output using the four stored models and the -tabulate- or -tabstat- command?

Or do I need to just whip up a table in Open Office (or Microsoft Word would be comparable) and type them all in by hand?
Try -findit outreg- and see if that does what you want. From the first part of the online help:

"outreg formats regression output as it is presented in most documents. The
ultimate purpose of most estimation is to present the results in tables quite
different from those displayed within Stata. outreg automates the process of
converting the regression results to most of the standard presentation formats
by creating a text file for inclusion in a word processing table."

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