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st: re: conformability error r(503)

Subject   st: re: conformability error r(503)
Date   Thu, 8 Jan 2004 10:49:18 -0600

I am analyzing data from the California Health Interview Survey, but am not
allowed to have the real data. 
I send my programs to the Data Programmers at UCLA and they run them for me.

Every time they run the following SVR regression on black men, I get back a
conformability (r503) error: 

xi: svrmodel activity  i.age i.nativity intEnglish i.neweduc married
employed density stability ses4 immigrant if male=1&race==3

Because I do not have access to the data, what should I do? How can I figure
out where I have missing values and where the problem lies? I can send the
programmers at UCLA any commands or programs, but am not sure what to do.
This does not occur in the dummy data set I have, so I can't really explore
the problem using the fake data. 

I only get it on this regression for black men and no other one......other
regressions with black men and different outcomes work fine. 


Namratha Kandula 

Namratha Kandula, MD, MPH
University of Chicago 
MC 2007
5841 S. Maryland Avenue 
Chicago, IL 60622
phone: 772-834-9180
fax: 773-702-1295

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