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st: Thank you, but

From   "kihong eom" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Thank you, but
Date   Fri, 12 Dec 2003 16:56:33 -0500

Hi, Nguyen, 
Thank you for the correction.  But, it still does not work after holding down the control

Kihong Eom, Ph.D.
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Lexington, KY, 40506
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Subject: Re: st: Windows moving together

"kihong eom" <> wrote:

> When I minimize Stata, Review and Variables window stay there as if 
> nothing

If you minimize Stata, all of Stata's windows are minimized.  I think you meant to say
"When I move Stata...".

> happens.  Someone might ask the same question before, but I could not 
> find the answer on Stata Q & A. I'd like to see all windows move 
> together when I move main window.

Hold down the control key while moving the main Stata window.  The Variables and Review
window will move with it.

-Chinh Nguyen
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